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Tired of the traditional style of hood pins that rust, or lanyards that scratch the paint?

Have you lost your pins due to removing the lanyard in hopes of protecting your paints finish?

Introducing the next generation in hood pin technology...

“QUIK-LATCH” (US Patent #8960734B2)

With just a push of a button, the hood is unlatched.  The button stays in the down position until re-latched, and then the button pops back up.  No more pins to keep up with! Simple installation with basic tools.

Choose from 6 finishes that can be brushed, painted, polished, red, white and blue.

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QL-25 Mini Series

QL-38 Series

2020 Mustang GT500

 QL-50 Series

Introducing the highly anticipated 2020 GT500 Mustang featuring Quik-Latch 50 Series.

“Mini” Mounting  


and Assist Spring