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The “Mini” Quik-Latch is a multi-purpose quick release latch. Customers have used them as fasteners on race cars and on air-cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, RV and boat cabinets. There are numerous ways the “Mini” can be used!

Available in the 4 following sizes

22mm-7/8” - 1” - 1.25” - 1.5”

The “Mini” has the same design as the Low-Profile hood pins. With just a push of a button, it becomes unlatched.  The button stays in the down position until re-latched, and then the button pops back up.

22mm - 7/8”




Mini Mounting Bucket

Mini Assist Spring Kit

QL-25 "Mini" Accessories


Quik-Latch Minis

Mini  Pin Sizes

Trailer Mounting Kit

These small latches can be used for multi-purpose quick release latching. Center release button stays in the down position until re-latched. Each latch body has a 1-1/4" O.D. and is supplied with one mounting stud, two threaded nuts, and two washers. Mounting cup (sold separately) is used to mount the stud underneath the panel. Mounting cup can be easily riveted or bolted to the back side of any panel..

Diameter of Latch Body:  1.23"

Length of Latch Body:  0.57"

1/4"-20 Thread

Length of Mounting Stud:  2.13"

Works great for:

T-Bucket bed covers

Hood pins

Deck lids

Air cleaner stud

Removable body panels

* Please note that the use of a quantity of 2 x QL-25 Mini Quik-Latch series fasteners are not intended for use in hood pin applications where there is no OEM hood latch present.  The QL-25 series universal latches are not designed for use as a primary hood latch mechanism, although they can function as a secondary safety mechanism.