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              QL-38 Series Instructions  


Parts:                                                          Tools:     

2- Quik-Latch bodies                                  1 1/4" and 2 1/2" Hole saw     

2- Retaining rings                                        9/16" Wrench (2)     

4- 3/8-24 Stainless steel nuts                     3/16" Drill bit at least 2" long     

4- 3/8-24 Stainless steel washers             Center punch     

Green thread lock                                        Hammer     

2- Hood Pins                                                Masking tape     



1)  Determine the location of the hood pins on core support or bracket.          

 Determine proper location with hood thickness maximun of 5/8". Overall space minimum          

 from top of hood to top of mounting point for pin is1 1/8" and maximum is 3 1/2".      


2)  Install pins and set to full length to determine location to drill pilot hole through hood.     


3)  Place a piece of tape on underside of hood and gently close until pin comes into contact with           

        hood and leaves a small mark in the tape     


4)  Using a center punch, gently tap a center point into bottom side of the hood.


5)  Using a 3/16" drill bit drill a hole through the bottom side of the hood only. Angle the drill to be           

         at the same angle as the top of the hood and proceed to drill through the top side of the           



6)   Remove the pins, close the hood and using a 1 1/4" hole saw drill a hole in the top side of the hood only.          

         Using the 2 1/2" hole saw drill the bottom side of the hood.          

       Clean the sharp edges off with a file and using touch-up paint,  repaint all bare metal that is exposed.      


7)  Reinstall pins and close the hood and look at the alignment of the pin in regards to the center           

          of the hole.   


8)  Test fit a Quik-Latch body through the hole to insure proper alignment. With the Housings           

         installed open the hood carefully and screw the retainer rings until they contact the           

         bottom side of the hood without indenting the top surface.   


9)  Gently close the hood and adjust the pins to hold the hood down securely with out causing           

         hood to become indented.     


10)  Tighten pins and check for proper hood opening and closing. Center button will pop up           

         when Quik-Latch is secured. Make sure that pin is in the center and not binding when           

         center button is depressed.   


11)  Check adjustment on factory safety latch to not interfere with the Quik-Latch operation.   


12)  After all final adjustments are done and operation of latch's are proper then add a small amount of          

 the green wheeping thread locker to the base of all the mounting nuts on the pins and latch         

 retaining ring. Thread locker is designed to seep into the threads.         



All vehicles that Quik-Latch are installed on must have the Factory or other safety catch. Failure          

to have safety latch may cause hood to come up while driving. Before driving vehicle make sure           

that button is flush with the body to insure that latch is in the engaged position.