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Quik-Latch Mini Assist Spring

Looking to add some tension between the two components that you're latching together? The Quik-Latch Mini Assist Spring gives you added pressure!

Below is a picture of the Quik-Latch mini latch assist spring. The spring is placed over the mini latch mounting stud and rests against the nut which is threaded onto the mounting stud. A retainer is placed over the ball stud, which keeps the spring from coming out of place. More pressure is needed to engage the latching mechanism, as the spring applies preloaded pressure between two mounting surfaces.

The Mini Quik-Latch assist spring works beautifully when used in conjunction with a Quik-Latch mounting bracket. (Latch, stud, and bracket sold seperately. All of these components have been engineered to work in harmony together. Below is a picture of a fully assembled Mini Quik-Latch, mounting bracket and assist spring.


10lb. Per Inch


20lb. Per Inch